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Willie Oosthuizen has recently complete the 2 nd edition of his book, “Leadership and Management. A practical application manual”. (322 pages). The book is presently available as an E-book (electronic book) in pdf format and is emailed to orders.

The book is hyperlinked which enables readers to move between topics in the book by clicking on a title.

Where the first edition focussed on the 4 functions of management work, namely: Plan, Organise, Lead and Control (POLC), the 2 nd edition is expanded with:

· Guidelines to prepare a business report.

· Guidelines to do salary adjustments for staff.

· Guidelines to be an efficient negotiator.

· Present day challenges to owners and management.

· Corporate governance - analyses of the different aspects with practical assistance and examples to be Companies Act and King III report compliant.

According to Willie the value for owners and mangers has been increased with as much as 70% against the 1 st edition with these important additions.

This is a practical manual that every management leader and student in management studies should have a copy of.

Order the expanded and revised 2 nd edition and receive the Afrikaans translation free when it is completed in a month or three.