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Because of the entrance of debt councillors after the introduction of the National Credit Act (the Act) and interpretation of the Act by magistrates, attorneys and the National Credit Regulator and other bodies, most of our time the past two years was devoted to personal service and assistance where:   

·       Businesses were threatened with closure because of alleged contraventions or non-compliance of conditions of the Act.

·       Magistrates rejected requests for judgments in cases of default repayments of credit agreements because of their interpretation of the Act. 

·         Liaison with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) on behalf of members in matter affecting their registration as credit providers.

·         Investigation, compile and presenting of opposing arguments or plead arguments where members were charged by the NCR of misconduct under the Act.

In all the above cases our actions were successful and businesses exist today; and the financial wellness of others ensured because of our help and assistance.



The National Credit Act  and other legislation are researched and interpreted to assist members with the compilation and use of documents, practices and systems that ensures compliance with legal requirements.

In this regard assistance was rendered to prominent providers of credit administration programs to ensure their computer software complies with the legal requirements of the Act.

 Numerous documents were compiled, among others:

·         Loan/credit application forms.

·         Loan/credit agreements.

·         Internal audits to measure compliance of the Act within businesses.

·         Correct completion of NCR reports.

·         Disciplinary codes

·         Disciplinary guidelines

·         Questionnaires/documents for employee matters    



Numerous training and development programs were compiled to empower members with the knowledge and skills to comply with conditions of the relevant acts, among others:

·         Public seminars aimed at owners and management on the important requirements of the Act that credit providers must comply with. Now also available to be presented internally by businesses.

·         In-house training program presented within businesses; aimed at staff involved with granting of loans/credit of the legal requirements that must be complied with. Sections of the Act is summarised in easily understandable language, and the much emphasis is placed on explaining and outlay.    

·         Public seminare on performing an internal audit to measure compliance with the Act; now available to be used by managers of a business.

·         CD consisting of colour slides and accompanying sound track to explain the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act in order to provide guidelines for compliance.

·         Conditions of the Labour Relations Act in terms of which businesses must act to protect own interests and secure results.