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for Credit Providers

      Compliance Report

Just completed in Afrikaans and English is the 160 page manual/guidelines for completing the Compliance Report that credit providers/financiers must annually submit to the National Credit Regulator to declare compliance with the National Credit Act (NCA).  

This manual removes the frustration and guesswork of not knowing for certain if you correctly answered the Compliance Report questions or, what you must answer, from the cryptic reference guidelines provided, for example, “s81(2)(a) Reg24”.

Clarity is provided by quoting and discussing the cryptic references, as well as related sections and regulations from the NCA and other legislation, together with advice to credit providers/financiers how to:

1.     Interpret the references.

2.     Do selection of appropriate option on the Compliance Report.

3.     Compile explaining annexures from examples provided.

4.    Understand Forms referred to from reproductions in manual. 

This user manual not only makes completing the Compliance Report much, much easier but also gives readers a very good insight of what the National Credit Regulator expects of credit providers/financiers and the interrelation of sections and regulations of the NCA. 


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